Thursday, October 15, 2009

6 weeks in one paragraph

mid week nine, my daily shots have unfortunately tapered down. last posting was up in Niagara Falls and that was a long time ago. We've had an incredible run in the South, starting in Oklahoma winding through Tennessee and mississippi and the Carolinas, atlanta, the length of Florida, new Orleans, alabama and Texas. We are in Dallas now, sang the national anthem last night for the nba Mavericks vs the pistons. We had homerun shows in Austin and Houston.

We've seen family along the way, my folks and there friends rented a 15 pass to come see us in myrtle beach. sorry yall its the best shot I got! And we visited Joe's niece in memphis, Lila is her name and she plays a tiny mean fiddle!

we've caught mcdougall working on levitation skills with folding chairs, and here is Joe mid trance after finding a magic feather that wards off the effect of road fatigue, note eyes wide.

We've seen beautiful places, tampa bay was a true gem. Oak trees good food, manatees and rays.

All photos are in random order now, thats a bird on a bench, this is a bridge in Charleston.

Oh yeah we were in Chicago too. And we'll be back there.

This is our one photo in North Carolina that I took. Twas a fun show in Charlotte, and the next day we went to the hometown in Asheville NC and reunited with friends and family for a spell. Lucky for us Facebook is out there and much more competent photographers have been documenting our travels and shows, please check them out and if you are one of the noted snapshooters post them online for us when you get a chance.

And before North Carolina we made some marks in Tennessee. Tennessee was good to us, Here is some street art that caught my eye. I've seen this artists work with the girl before, so I think its cool to find this little piece of art

And you remember the ass shoes? well they have become popular, here are the ass ass shoes, to be worn as a team.

Mustache Competition, Smitty was creamed. this Old timer was at the Oklahoma State Fair, a true rock n roll highlight of our travels so far!

And here are the boys! Drew Consalvo, our stage manager, monitor chief. Randy "Bigguns" Stenson and Doug "red" Redler, guitar techs. Nick on drums but can't really see him.

And here is our good friend Taylor "Chicken George" Davis. We played with him at Keegan Ales in Kingston NY with his band the bloodletters. Not so many microbreweries around anymore, but the northeast was inundated with watering holes. We fell into all of them!

Amorica cassette tape Rochester NY house of guitars. Note the pubic fashion of the era, let's bring it back y'all!

And not to be lost in the ethers Westcott Brewery! A beautiful place, great old stage, super cool young owners in charge of their destiny and lovers of the party!

Walker singing "The Load Out Song" accompanied by Grace on drums. Audio clip of that moment to come.
And like a powerful nightcap the Kingston police came to check on us after hearing our awesome music wail from the belly of the keegan ale brewery at 5 in the morning. They loved it.
Thank you for the awesome times y'all! Hard to believe its only half over. In a couple of days we break off from the Crowes, Luther is having a baby!. We head back to the South to hole up and record some songs bout blue jeans. We'll be seeing them again up in Michigan. Peace yall be safe be happy keep in touch!