Monday, August 31, 2009

Philly and Lancaster

Arriving in Philly is always an exciting venture. Cheese steaks were on our mind and we landed at the only restaurant that offered none.

However, we were at a local favorite called Johnny Brenda's and the food was very good

That night we rocked the Khyber in Philly (Pics of that coming soon)

And it was up early for a 3 hour ride to Lancaster, PA.

From back stage the theater looks awesome. This is going to be a good night in an intimate theater with only 2000 fans.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

new hope tea neck

All right, so here in Newark, NJ, doing little one off gigs from our hotel the Newark Holiday Inn, First gig found us at the TRiumph brewery in New Hope Penn. As of our last blog post we traversed the NorthEast through rain and greenery, turning a five hour drive into nine, luckily we had talk radio Timmy giving the play by play. Got to Triumph brewery met up wit Ezra Furman and
the Harpoons, excellent band that reminded me me of Hedwig crossed with the Violent Femmes. Triumph Brewery was super hospitable, filet mignon and homemade beer, should have photographed the meal...

Travel Plaza Sunoco... New Jersey, note Martha our GPS stuck in the foreground, Martha just about got thrown out of the window, New Jersey doesn't like Martha...

My boots blew out after a two week re-sole, rains a lot here, I'm tough on shoes. Found the Western boot World and found a pair of used lizard skin boots for twenty bucks. Not sure what species of lizard or if lizard needs to be made into boots but twenty bucks?

A well deserved mention goes to Josh Dixon of Atlanta GA who is assisting us on the road during these first couple of weeks. True Story: Walker's best and oldest friend. Made up: Found him first night of The Black Crowes tour selling veggie burritos and Clamato, knew he'd be perfect...

Played Teaneck nJ tonight at Mexicali Live, we embraced the experience and blew the doors off the venue, met some great people! Went back to homebase In NJ, visited the bar, watched a cowboy get messed up at the rodeo on TV, ordered another round and ran into Razor Ramon.

Now Razor was good enough to take a photo with us, but Razor did not like the humor of Timothy Lee Jones, and when Timmy tried to compare The Newark Airport to The Burbank Airport Razor just about snapped.

The Kyhber Pass tomorrow in Philly, hope to see some old friends, and then back with the Crowes in Lancaster, PA... Central Park Sep 2!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Last night will go down in history as one of our most epic! We had the privelege to share the Bank of America Pavilion stage with both The Black Crowes and Levon Helm!
We pulled into Boston under blue skies and perfect weather, I mean a breeze you just don't feel on the West Coast. The Pavilion is right on the Boston Harbor, we had a great view of the city.

Levon is a complete sweetheart!
He loves "Welcome To LA", (Smitty's claim to fame!)
The entourage he brought with him was staggering and they all sounded incredible!

And The Black Crowes are on fire!!!! Everybody brings there all to the table, and the result is truly unique absolutely emotional rock and roll! Chris is one of a kind, he has such a good time up there, and blows a super mean harmonica when it is called for! Rich and Luther are killingit, swapping solos and sounding like Thin Lizzy!
Steve Gorman and Sven are holding it down, Adam McDougal honestly seems like he is having the most fun out of all of them, )and they are all having a blast!)
Words cannot describe the experience, will post as much as possible!
On to New Hope PA and a string of solo Truth & SAlvage Co. shows!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wow week one has come and gone, feels like a month has past!
After driving for ever taking turns with sleep we arrived to Asheville NC, where we met up with family and friends and received a homecoming fit for kings.

Friday we drove to Spindale and played live on WNCW, Dennis was an absolute sweetheart, we swapped LA stories and laughs.
It was great to see Laura Blackley again, it had been five years!

Smitty met up with Rob Hunt tattoo artist extraordinaire, and
immortalized our logo on his arm, at least for his lifetime, you can see the look of pain, I would imagine that a forearm tattoo would be be painful!

Saturday was our gig at the legendary Grey Eagle, the hype was in the air, the town was a buzz with Truth & Salvage Co. anticipation!
We are super excited to be playing for some of our oldest and best friends!

Mad Tea Party opened, Jason Krekel, Ami Worthen...
Also Gary Jules who is a new Asheville transplant!

And the show was awesome! So much fun! Alissa Whelan snapped these excellent shots, she really caught us in action! We played for an hour and a half, gave them the famous Scrappy Song "Alligator Crawl"!

Afterwards packing up, we found Smitty's underwear under the drum riser, WTF?

A return visit to Raleigh's Pour House on Sunday for an evening show...

And today Tuesday August 25, arrived to the Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA to this site...HERE WE GO!!! WORDS CAN'T EXPLAIN!
Cape Cod tomorrow, Boston after that, will keep you posted!

Video Shoot - Callback

We had a blast shooting our first official music video for the song, "Callback". The video was directed/ produced by John Vanover and produced by George Whitman....HUGE THANKS TO JOHN AND GEORGE. We are extremely lucky to have such a talented group of friends that love and support our music.

We were also blessed to have a big crowd of our friends show up to serve as the audience for our video. I think that was the best part...looking out and seeing all of our LA contingency "playing" along so well. There were also a few special guests...(Joe and Hilliary, you know we are talking about you)

The day started early and the crew was already set up in the most amazing little spot about an hour from LA. The place was in Simi Valley in a National Historic Park surrounded by old rusted barns and cotton gins. We shot the majority of the video inside a barn complete with cobwebs and sunshine penetrating the cracks in the walls. The dust was thick and choked our lungs as we performed "Callback" at least a dozen times.

The real heroes were the crew that pulled this shoot together and made it look amazing. We really appreciate all the hard work and dedication that you all put into this project.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Straight as the Crowes fly high...

We are sitting in the hotel in Washington D.C. on the eve of our first show with the Black Crowes.

We'll have some pictures from the last two shows coming very soon... as of now our internet has been shotty at best.

Timmy went to the Pentagon today and to the Jefferson memorial. He also visited the Capital and the White House.

What a great place to kick off the tour being the birthplace of freedom. More to come in a day or so...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

We made it to Asheville!

Family, friends well well well! Fifty hours and five hundred dollars later we made it to the blessed home country of Asheville NC! En route to support the Black Crowes we ran our van "The Champion", nonstop taking turns sleeping.

Hi Sahara Oasis was our first stop out of LA 4$ a gallon gas, here is our trailer tag, perfect.
Our first meal was devoured in Alberquerque at a restaurant I've always held dear to me, the Frontier. Bought two dozen tortillas, the best flour tortillas in the world. Pretty sure I'm getting their logo tattooed on my arm!
Timmy posing in the beautiful Western Sunset! The lighting was perfect, true cowboy action!

Stopped in Santa Rosa for a dip in the blue hole. 61 degrees excellent, clear 81 ft deep, dude named Choosy doing full gainers....

Crazy lightning near Amarillo, TX, lit up the whole sky, I tried to capture award winning shots, this is the best I got...
And the revolution is happening in Oklahoma City too, but they are trying to cover it up! More to be posted! Come to the Grey Eagle August 22!!! Peace...Kinnebrew!