Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wow week one has come and gone, feels like a month has past!
After driving for ever taking turns with sleep we arrived to Asheville NC, where we met up with family and friends and received a homecoming fit for kings.

Friday we drove to Spindale and played live on WNCW, Dennis was an absolute sweetheart, we swapped LA stories and laughs.
It was great to see Laura Blackley again, it had been five years!

Smitty met up with Rob Hunt tattoo artist extraordinaire, and
immortalized our logo on his arm, at least for his lifetime, you can see the look of pain, I would imagine that a forearm tattoo would be be painful!

Saturday was our gig at the legendary Grey Eagle, the hype was in the air, the town was a buzz with Truth & Salvage Co. anticipation!
We are super excited to be playing for some of our oldest and best friends!

Mad Tea Party opened, Jason Krekel, Ami Worthen...
Also Gary Jules who is a new Asheville transplant!

And the show was awesome! So much fun! Alissa Whelan snapped these excellent shots, she really caught us in action! We played for an hour and a half, gave them the famous Scrappy Song "Alligator Crawl"!

Afterwards packing up, we found Smitty's underwear under the drum riser, WTF?

A return visit to Raleigh's Pour House on Sunday for an evening show...

And today Tuesday August 25, arrived to the Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA to this site...HERE WE GO!!! WORDS CAN'T EXPLAIN!
Cape Cod tomorrow, Boston after that, will keep you posted!


  1. I can't wait for Oxford!!!!!! Joseph, call your sister!

  2. Mad Tea Party had a blast sharing the stage with you! What a blast.

    Is it funny to anyone else that based on the photographic evidence above, Scott and Smitty wear the exact same kind of underwear?



  3. yes, why do they wear the same undies and why is Scottie posting such skimpy pictures of himself!? Making the ladies go wild. Margaret