Monday, August 31, 2009

Philly and Lancaster

Arriving in Philly is always an exciting venture. Cheese steaks were on our mind and we landed at the only restaurant that offered none.

However, we were at a local favorite called Johnny Brenda's and the food was very good

That night we rocked the Khyber in Philly (Pics of that coming soon)

And it was up early for a 3 hour ride to Lancaster, PA.

From back stage the theater looks awesome. This is going to be a good night in an intimate theater with only 2000 fans.


  1. Have a great time you guys.
    Here's some candids from last night's Khyber gig in Philadelphia.

  2. oops here's the link to the flickr photo set from The Khyber 9/30/2009

  3. This is Joe's cousin Carolyn. Hi Joe!!

    The timing of this just kills me--your Philly gig was the same day we left Philly after 5 years to road-trip/move to Arizona. On the first day of our drive, I snapped a photo of a sign in Lancaster advertising the Black Crowes concert. We really just missed you! I am determined to see a show eventually, though. It will happen :)