Thursday, September 3, 2009

Brooklyn, New York

OK so the motto for the week is "conserve energy, or not"! Today is Thursday, this picture you see to your left was taken on Sunday, at the Khyber, fun little show in old town Philly. You may pontificate that there may be several photos taken of us at all these little venues and big venues and why don't I ever post them, well I haven't mastered the photo taking from stage. Josh Dixon has taken some stellar shots, but it is hard to coordinate the downloading and posting. You will see them, I will post them, just out of sync.

wanted to include some Philly photos. Liberty Bell and a lovely moon, Timmy and Adam enjoying a twilight stroll through history, befriending security guards for tidbits of national history, nobody really remembers too much anymore. The Boston Tea party, wasn't that in Philadelphia, back in 73?

Our new home has been the Newark NJ Holiday Inn. five nights of sleep, great bar that plays classic rock and serves mixed nuts. Remember Razor Ramone? There.

A lovely day in Newark. Apparently all summer has been inundated with rain and humidity. WEll the weather has been perfect. Just check out the sky, and the oil spill, and the prison in the background. This is the view from room 639 by the way, come visit!

Played Central Park yesterday, payed homage everybody's hero, so sad still really. People die all the time in every way but it always seems so foreign. Always a tragedy. Take a moment to recall the melody of "imagine", I think you will get my drift. Beautiful soul he was.

Speaking of photos of us playing our good friend and social connector Peter Kusek emailed me these. We played at 5 o clock. It was a great time, hot as all get out but sweet. Crowd liked it, liked us. levon the sweetheart played after us and the crowes crunched the people once more, they are sounding SO !@#$%^&!!! tight!

There lighting guy is pretty bad ass eh, his name is Chris, he works with Phish. All of the Black Crowes crew are super professional and super personable. Every day has been a total learning experience. I will get y'all shots of the crew soon. My hat goes off to Randy, Luther's guitar tech, for saving my ass on two seperate occasions now.

Shot of the city en route to Brooklyn...

Peter Kusek, you know, best friend, social connector, restorer of fine historic buildings, he's got a great sense of direction...
Luckily he was up in the city and ended up spending the days with us. So good to see him, talk about sweetheart...

Tonight will be an epic show at the Brooklyn Bowl. Free show. Best fried chicken north of the Mason Dixon. Bowling, hipster line dancing, apple bobbing... We are pulling out all the stops. no holds barred. Our new friends from Red are coming and the atmosphere is exciting!

Peace Y'all, Long Island tomorrow with the Crowes. Thank you for everything everybody, what an experience...


  1. I love hearing about all your adventures!

  2. You guys were so good in Lancaster. Frankly, better than the Crowes.

  3. Ella Fitzgerald once said, "The only thing better than singing is more singing." That was never more true than September 2nd in Central Park. My ode to Truth & Salvage Co.: