Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Boys are Back

The drive was about 14 hours coming back off tour. As we got close to LA we all got excited to be back in town! Luckily, I had the camera running and caught our first music video...


Eureka, CA and Grants Pass, OR

The last two shows with Jackie Greene went great. We played to sold out audiences at Theaters in Eureka and Grants Pass. The final show, the band joined Jackie and his band on stage. We played a double encore that turned into a super jam with all of us bringing down the house on "The Weight".

Most of the rest of the time we hung out in the redwoods and took pictures. This is beautiful country.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is a cool place that makes goooood beer. We did a tour of the place and went back to hotel so Smitty and Tim could get a little rest.

Look at all these huge containers of beer!

The showroom is one of the finest places to see music on the west coast. It's almost like a dinner theater since they serve a full dinner and it's all ages. Jackie Greene is a huge draw in Chico and just like all the other venues, this place was sold out.

We opened to a huge crowd of curious people. By the end of the show we had made a few hundred more T&S Co fans.

Then Jackie took the stage and did his magic.

Smitty gave one of our youngest fans a drumstick complete with autograph.

Jackie played all of his fan favorites and a few surprises...

At the end of the show we took some shots with our new fans and signed some shirts etc...

The next few days found us in Monterey, Visalia, and Santa Cruz performing at some of our regular places. As usual, the shows were great and we want to thank everyone that showed us love on the road.

Days Off

The next two days we had off, relaxing in Ashland OR, much like our old stomping grounds of Asheville, but ending in land. We had an excellent host, and our accommodations sat on seventy acres of land.

We woke
up bright and early today Sunday the 3rd to drive down to Chico for another show with Jackie Greene. We had a pretty good glimpse of Mt Shasta, which is funny because driving up a few days ago we thought all these small mountains were Shasta and they were all put to shame by the real deal.

We stopped in Weed, CA, seems like a quiet special place...



Day Two had us passing through Olympia, don't know why I neglected to photograph that as I lived there for four years. The experience was surreal.

We played that night in Portland, in an awesome theatre named the Aladdin which we didn't photograph either. The show was excellent, the crowd was very responsive. Jackie's fans consist of a lot of true music fans, the setting of the show and the crowd and the music definitely had a timeless sense to it. It was great. We stayed at the Jupiter Hotel in Portland which has chalk board doors which we utilized by drawing and consequently writing a new hit.

We woke up and had breakfast at one of the coolest places in the world... Mother's. The food was very tasty and I see why it's Portland's most famous little joint. Thanks to everyone at Mother's for treating us so very good.

Smitty had a brief chat with a very stiff lady and we were off to the next town...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Northwest Tour April 29-May 3 with Jackie Greene (Seattle)

Greetings! T & S Co had exactly one week of rest after the Iraqi adventure before we were again called to duty! This time for a string a shows starting in Seattle and then hitting several spots up and down the coast.

Day one had us driving to Seattle to play at the Crocodile. I need to confess now that our photojournalism is lacking this tour compared to Iraq. We will do our best to improve... so anyway the crocodile was a blast, We met Jackie and crew for the first time... super nice folks, super talented. Some of us saw old friends and the weather was perfect. The show was sold out and our response was overwhelming!