Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Evening Post by Dean Moore

George Jones & 49 Other Great Male Singers

The passing of George Jones Friday led many in the media to call him the greatest country singer of all time, which of course is true (well…says me, at least).

Some even called him the greatest singer of all time, period, which I wouldn't waste a ton of breath fighting folks on either. But it got me thinking about who else is up there with him on my personal list of favorite male vocalists. I came up with 50 to share with y'all on a Spotify playlist.

So, who do you think I glaringly omitted? Or egregiously included? (Some I left off on purpose, some I'm sure I just spaced on.) If you have a reeeeeally good argument for somebody not on here, gimme the song he sings the pertiest on and I'll add it to the playlist…
SPOTIFY PLAYLIST (Allergy Warning: May contain traces of cheese):

vocaLIST (alphabetical):
Alex Chilton
Andy Partridge
Art Garfunkel
Bill Withers
Billy Joel
Brian Wilson
Colin Hay
Conway Twitty
David Bowie
Don Henley
Elton John
Elvis Costello
Elvis Presley
Freddie Mercury
George Jones
Glen Campbell
Graham Nash
Harry Nilsson
Jack Bruce
Joe Jackson
John Fogerty
John Lennon
Kenny Rogers
Lefty Frizzell
Lionel Richie
Lou Gramm
Marvin Gaye
Michael Jackson
Nat King Cole
Neil Diamond
Neil Finn
Otis Redding
Paul McCartney
Paul Rodgers
Peter Cetera
Phil Lynott
Richard Manuel
Robert Palmer
Rod Stewart
Roy Orbison
Russell Hitchcock
Sam Cooke
Smokey Robinson
Steve Perry
Steve Winwood
Stevie Wonder
Willie Nelson

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Evening Post by Tim Jones

Whose guitar is this? 
Buddy Holly's bass player is an acceptable answer. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

March 22-24 Recap by Adam Grace

It was great to get the band back together after a long break and play some shows last weekend.  Our first show was in Augusta GA at this cool little bar called "The Stillwater".  Our good friend Brian Brittingham set the show up and made sure that the place was packed with all the good folks from Augusta.

When we arrived we noticed that the stage was very tiny....and we were all thinking "how are we going to fit on this thing?”  However, T&SCo never lets something like a tiny stage get us down.  We broke all our instruments down to the bare minimum...Walker played accordion, Smitty played a snare and bass drum, and I played piano all night long. 

Once the place filled up we shook off the dust and got down to business.  Here's the set list from that night.  It was a 2 set barn burner.

March 22,2013

Set I
Hail Hail
Shady River
Welcome to LA
Silver Lining
Heart Like a Wheel
Games People Play
Appalachian Hilltop
Cortez the Killer
Rise Up
Them Jeans

Set II
Sweet Virginia
Bad Times
Middle Island Creek
Stars and Stripes
Bird on the Wing
The Shape I'm In
All I Can Do Is Write About It
She Really Does It for Me
See Her
All Stand Tall

The next day we drove into Charleston SC...another place we love!  The festival called "Spring Jam" featured a few great bands and we made some new friends that day.  It was great to meet the guys and gals from Family of the Year and The Mowgli’s.  It's funny how the music world is so small...we actually knew a couple of musicians from Los Angeles.

The weather was a little iffy but once we took the stage the clouds parted and the rain stopped.  It was nice to play to a huge crowd after taking such a long break.

Our three day tour ended by playing the Melting Point in Athens GA.  We've spent a lot of time in Athens but this was only our second show there.  The food was good, the drinks were flowing, and that place has a sweet vibe.  There's a little hotel included on the premises.  This is one of the coolest venues we've played in a long time...kind of reminded me of when we did the McMenamins tour...ages ago.  Our good friends Fred and Lisa Adams brought a big crowd and even some local music legends showed up to give their support.  Great night with some great people.  Here's the set list:

March 24, 2013

Hail Hail
Heart Like a Wheel
Middle Island Creek
See Her
Games People Play
Old Piano
Bird on the Wing
Shady River
Call Back
Bad Times
Silver Lining
Pure Mountain Angel

That wrapped up our little tour...we played some new tunes that we had just recorded for the new album...and the response was overwhelming.  Thanks y'all!  Can't wait until May when we head out and hit the road again...