Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is a cool place that makes goooood beer. We did a tour of the place and went back to hotel so Smitty and Tim could get a little rest.

Look at all these huge containers of beer!

The showroom is one of the finest places to see music on the west coast. It's almost like a dinner theater since they serve a full dinner and it's all ages. Jackie Greene is a huge draw in Chico and just like all the other venues, this place was sold out.

We opened to a huge crowd of curious people. By the end of the show we had made a few hundred more T&S Co fans.

Then Jackie took the stage and did his magic.

Smitty gave one of our youngest fans a drumstick complete with autograph.

Jackie played all of his fan favorites and a few surprises...

At the end of the show we took some shots with our new fans and signed some shirts etc...

The next few days found us in Monterey, Visalia, and Santa Cruz performing at some of our regular places. As usual, the shows were great and we want to thank everyone that showed us love on the road.

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  1. How does one go about getting a copy of the CDs in the photos?