Monday, September 7, 2009

The Beach, The Boss, The ZZZ's

Here's a few shots from the show Westbury, NY. What a great audience that night...such a warm reception.

The next day we were off to Asbury Park, NJ...home of Springsteen. They were expecting a few thousand people to crowd the venue that afternoon. Here's a pic before all the action began.

We spent the afternoon at the beach and the weather was splendid!
And the real treat came when Bruce Springsteen showed up to our gig and hung around backstage afterwards.

The next day was a beach show in Virginia Beach, VA. Again the crowd loved us and people were singing along to most of the songs. I took this shot from stage right before we went on.

A little late night trailer hang.

The Black Crowes really brought the masses.

And then off to bed for Timmy. Show business is a tough business you know.

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  1. Utica, NY awaits your arrival with the Crowes! The Saranac Brewery is a very intimate venue with some of the best refreshments on earth being made right behind the stage! We sure will have "..bellies full of beer..." Check out