Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Top of week four!

Greetings friends! How do y'all do? Kinnebrew here with a black and bloody eyeball! Great for steering clear of danger! Nobody wants to mess with the bearded and bloody Kinnebrew!
Just played last night at Penns Peak in Pennsylvania, very fun show. Pics for that coming, but for now here comes a recap...
To your left: Mia and Matt from the
Brooklyn Bowl. They came down to the Asbury Park gig and partied with us, we had a blast!

Out of sequence here are the caterers with Smitty in Westbury Long Island. By far the most tasty and healthy of our dining experience on the road. Wendy, chief chef extraordanaire had everything from vegan pot pie to mignon medallions, and to top it peach rhubarb cobbler! "John Denver it was delicious!" (new g rated term we came up with second only to "Mother Of Pearl!", you can use John Denver in place of say when you stub your toe or blacken your eye, John Denver that hurt!!!

We were granted the right to tag Wendys most coveted wall tagging area, pretty sweet!

The Crowes in Westbury, this was the second venue we played where the stage was a circle in the middle of a dome, intimate but super cool.

After Westbury we headed to Asbury Park, had a quality swim, interesting swim. Apparently the beach had crazy riptides that restricted swimmers to very condensed swimming areas. About three hundred swimmers to a 25 foot swath of beach! Oh the humor.

Stone Pony, historic, raging...

The Crowes on the Stony Pony Summerstage, killing it. We are learning so much watching these players every night! What an experience!

And the illustrious and stunning Black Crowes singers, Mona Lisa and Charity, (left right) mother and daughter, we've been hanging a whole bunch. super sweet people!

y conmigo

We are keeping to our 18 sandwiches a week quota, this week... ham, swiss cheese and lettuce.

After Asbury Park, NJ we drove down to Virginia beach to play The American Music Festival, we played on the beach, water to our side but of course i don't have a photo of that here. Super fun, boats anchored close and listening, not a lot, just a couple, but still. Big stage. My sister and her wife Mira came to the show from Richmond, but of course because I miss great photo ops I don't have a picture of her either!

stage left Virginia beach, foreground, drew stage soundman for the crowes and ourselves! best mixes ever! Having so much working with him, also the front of house sound man Scooby, photo soon.

After Virginia Beach we drove to bridgeport CT for a show at the Klein Auditorium. One thing all over the North east is the WAWA convenient store offering twenty pots of coffee at once.

The Klein, good show over here!

smitty, walker

The Klein building, built in like 47.


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