Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Video Shoot - Callback

We had a blast shooting our first official music video for the song, "Callback". The video was directed/ produced by John Vanover and produced by George Whitman....HUGE THANKS TO JOHN AND GEORGE. We are extremely lucky to have such a talented group of friends that love and support our music.

We were also blessed to have a big crowd of our friends show up to serve as the audience for our video. I think that was the best part...looking out and seeing all of our LA contingency "playing" along so well. There were also a few special guests...(Joe and Hilliary, you know we are talking about you)

The day started early and the crew was already set up in the most amazing little spot about an hour from LA. The place was in Simi Valley in a National Historic Park surrounded by old rusted barns and cotton gins. We shot the majority of the video inside a barn complete with cobwebs and sunshine penetrating the cracks in the walls. The dust was thick and choked our lungs as we performed "Callback" at least a dozen times.

The real heroes were the crew that pulled this shoot together and made it look amazing. We really appreciate all the hard work and dedication that you all put into this project.



  1. Awesome ya'll, very exciting to see you airstreamin through the world, living it loud and proud like the soldiers you are. You'll always have my deepest love and support.
    Go get um tigers
    your first fan, (almost)

  2. Much love and respect for y'all. You too G13!