Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Evening Post by Tim Jones

Walker and his girl Briana decided to throw a party at our friend's Jimmy & Beth Pruitt's House to celebrate our 2nd album Pick Me Up's release. Jimmy has an old chicken coop out in back where he keeps his motorcycles and rusted beer caps and cigarette butts that probably dangled from none other than Faron Young himself, but somehow magic of the amazing artist and designer Lucy Latney was able to turn this former house of Ill-Chicken Repute into a wild Hippie Cowboy Disco Amphitheater. We invited the East Nashville neighbors and some other friends and luckily our friend Matt Aaron was there to snap some great shots of all the fun for us. Check out his band's page

Wish y'all were all there. We'll be releasing videos of the nights in the coming months.

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