Thursday, May 2, 2013

New record to be released on July 23

We are excited to announce that our second record, called Pick Me Up, will be released by Megaforce/Sony RED on July 23. The record was co-produced by the band and Jon Ashley with Bill Reynolds handling the mix. It is a joyous tour de force recorded at Echo Mountain studio in Asheville, NC that features 12 original tracks and a cover of Joe South’s Grammy-winning 1968 hit “Games People Play.”  Opening with the plaintive “The Bad Times,” the album shifts into high gear with “Silver Lining” and keeps the highlights coming with such songs as “Appalachian Hilltop,” “Bird On The Wing,” “I’m Not Your Boyfriend,” the title track and the rollicking “So Sad.” Official press release on our website. Look for tour dates to be announced soon. 

Here’s the PICK ME UP track listing:
--The Bad Times (Kinnebrew, Young, Jones, Smith, Grace)
--Silver Lining (Kinnebrew, Jones)
--Bird on the Wing (Kinnebrew, Jones)
--Island (Jones, Young, Kinnebrew)
--Appalachian Hilltop (Smith, Kinnebrew, Jones, Grace, Young)
--Games People Play (Joe South)
--I'm Not Your Boyfriend (Young, Jones, Kinnebrew, Smith, Grace, Roberts)
--Back in Your Love (Jones, Kinnebrew)
--Pick Me Up (Young)
--So Sad (Kinnebrew, Grace)
--Shady River (Smith, Young, Jones, Kinnebrew)
--Middle Island Creek (Smith)
--All Stand Tall (Kinnebrew, Grace)

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