Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Evening Post by Tim Jones

Tuesday rocked in St. Louis. This was me and Dean's giant room at the Crowne Plaza. Had great view of the arch if you looked left out the window. Did I mention how much I love hotels?

This was poster in Rudy's pizza shop for my girls Haim. When I booked Sunday nights at the Hotel Cafe from '05-'08, they were one of my faves. They're totally blowing up right now and deservedly so.  Three bad ass sisters who are as good as they are fun.  What great music is all about.  Estee makes some of the best "Bass Face" around.

This is half Sausage and Pepperoni half bacon and spinach from Rudy's Pizza in Lawrence, KS. On Wednesdays it's half price. I can't pass up a good deal.  And I like pizza as much as hotel rooms and Pho (Vietnamese Soup).

The Owners of Rudy's Pizza met at a Grateful Dead show and they've got ticket stubs from some of the 70+ shows they attended. I love a good romantic music/pizza love story!

It was a massive haul from Lawrence to Minneapolis. We caught a few hours of sleep in Des Moines and rewarded ourselves with one of Minneapolis's many claims to fame. The Juicy Lucy.  It is a hamburger stuffed with American cheese. This one from the Depot(which is part of the 1st Ave empire where we played) was also stuffed with delicious bacon.  You can almost taste the pleasure in Adam's face.  They call it "inside out burger" here because Matt's Bar or the 5-8 club retain the rights to Juicy Lucy trademark.

This is Buick Skylark at a gas station. My dream car is a '72 Buick Riviera. My grandparents always drove Buicks so I guess I'm a Buick man myself.

Here's the sunset over the Mississippi on our way in to Rock Island.  I love a good sunset as much as hotel rooms, pizza, Pho, and Buicks. Be a simple kind of man.

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