Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Greetings from Talil, Iraq!

10;30 am, April 15, 2009 finds me at the MWR computer room, (Morale,Wellness, Recreation). We arrived last night aboard a c-17 jet from Ali All Salem Air Base in Kuwait. Should have gotten here the day before but all schedules are subject to change around it seems. Leading up to now. . . played our first show two days ago already at Camp Virginia, Kuwait, a camp designated for troops returning from duty in Iraq. We had a total blast, everyone was super excited and grateful that we had come to play,(grateful is definitely the general sentiment here, which is quite a humbling feeling. We signed autographs and shook hands and I talked to a guy named Duane about how deer in North Carloina are so much smaller than the deer in Missouri for about thirty minutes, (we also talked about fishing for catfish in the Mississippi and how one snapped 65 lb test on him). Super nice guy!
After the show we packed, drove an hour back to another base to grab our gear and then drove back almost to Camp Virginia to the air base to catch our 3:30 am flight for Iraq, which after checking in and bussing out to the air strip we were bumped from our flight and rescheduled for 8:30 that evening. We spent the next hours as transients, engaged in an eating competition and laughed delirously until Sam our logistics man got us a tent to crash in where we slept all day.

The future brings us to the house of Abraham (seriously) called the Ziggurat; we will be some of the last Americans to visit because it is being returned to Iraqi control next week. And tonight just a stone's throw from Iran to a FOB, forward operating base, which some kids built from scratch four months ago and have yet to have visitors; I think they might be ready to rock.
Black Hawked over. Crazy. My mood for this whole trip has been grateful, I'm perpetually amazed by all I witness. Peace Y'all.


  1. I really appreciate you all taking the time to write about your trip and your impressions....Bill, I saw your dad a few days ago and he told me there was a blog on this adventure.
    Beth from Wellston Ohio

  2. Keep rockin boys....Beachwood is great...With you guys gone, it sure is quiet around here. How are the BlackHawks? Are you guys shooting? Please? Hope that you fill ALL those tapes...Do the troops love it? Have you been handing out CD's and meeting new fans? We miss you all and hope you are having the time of your lives...


    Whitman, RoRo, Red