Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Iraq Trip - Day Two

The next morning started in a regular way...coffee, newspaper, and simple talk. But looming in the background is the heaviness of the trip we are about to take. This morning would be the last "normal" morning we would have for a while.

We did a bit of sight seeing in the Twin Cities and headed back to the studio to work out the final details and pack all the equipment. It was crazy to travel with all that luggage, amps, mixers, mics, etc. You know how the airline gives you a strict "2 bags per person under 50 lbs"? Well, we had military orders that stated that we could have 10 bags PER PERSON up to 100 lbs PER BAG. Take that Delta!!!

That night we went out with our new friends Christian and Zach. In the morning we would be getting up very early so we thought it best to live it up a little.

Anyway, it's always nice to meet new people!

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