Thursday, April 16, 2009

In the Red

It is 5:00pm here on Thurs. We are still in Talil, Iraq. The weather here has not been fit to fly in so we are staying another day in Talil. When the weather is bad and you can't fly they refer to it as "red". We did put on an acoustic show last night in Memorial Hall for about 30 people. all of us just setting in a circle and passing the guitar around. A lot of fun and the folks were very responsive. There has not been any lack of excitement by any means. They take really good care of us here. Yesterday we got to go on a tour of the Ziggerat in Ur. A temple that was built around 2000b.c. made to worship the moon god amongst others and it was here were people started to worship the "One God". The one that most religions worship today. A pretty amazing place. Christianity, Judaism, Islam amongst other religions derived from this sacred plot of land in Iraq. We saw the house where Abraham was born. That was powerful. I'm not talkin about Lincoln either. The structure of the temple was made from brick and mortared together by tar and mud. Surrounding the temple were burial plots of the king and his workers. In some of the bricks you can see Sanskrit, really cool. Coming soon will be pictures and videos of these adventures. We just aren't capable of down loading them right now onto the military computers. It is really ironic to be walking around such a sacred place in the middle of a war zone(not active fortunately) Why is it a place of worship always turns into a place of battle. I was always taught that God is love and peace. Not war. Sorry got a little deep. You know me. The wheel was invented in Ziggerat. No shit. God, the wheel, oil, Kinda like Wal-mart. Sorry, sorry. Ok...

Today we got to take a tour around the whole camp in a cool armored vehicle that is totally escaping me right now. Can't remember the name....there are so many military code words that it is hard to keep them straight. Tonight we put on a live show here at Talill and we are all chomping at the bit to play. It will be our 2nd full show. 2 have gotten cancelled already. Tomorrow we are supposed to fly to Bagdad and finish the rest of our trip up there. The plan is to base out of the city and they will fly us to little satellite camp from there to perform. We are supposed to stay a mansion that Sadam built for his daughter. Crazy! Although with this weather you never know. Well off to get some chow. Again:) Much love.


  1. Sittin' here with Sonja, envisioning you in Iraq, laughing and loving it. Hope you are all doing great. I know you guys are making a difference one troop at a time! Lots of love from Sonja and Inman

  2. You guys rode around in the MRAP. I finally found out what it stands for: Mine Resistant Ambush Protected. Can you believe those things cost $750,000 each?! You guys made a huge impact on everyone you met here and we're all really thankful we got to hang out with all of you. Sorry you got stuck here for so long! We really do appreciate you guys coming here, though. You're all so awesome and just genuinely great guys! Thanks so much for spending some of your days in Tallil!